How To Work From Home Effectively?

How To Work From Home Effectively?The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in several ways. Remote work is one such transformation we have seen over the last year. Businesses that can operate without requiring an employee to work in person have easily switched to this new work culture. Even some jobs that people never believed were possible from home has been added to the list. Mercer, a consulting firm, surveyed nearly 800 employers last year. 94% of employers believed productivity among remote workers had either improved or remained unchanged.

Although both employers and employees have adapted to the hybrid work-from-home policies, some of them are still struggling to adjust to certain elements of remote work. The following tips can help in improving your efficiency when working from home:

Set-up A Dedicated Work Space

You may be living in a small city apartment or a house full of roommates, children, or a working spouse. In such cases, you might feel you have limited options but it’s important to identify a space where you believe you can focus and work comfortably. There isn’t a rule of thumb to select a particular corner or type of space, it should be a small area tailored for your specific needs. You should evaluate your personality and think about a work environment that sets you up for success.

Rank the following as per your priorities that you believe can help you work successfully:

  • Clean Workspace
  • Great Outdoor View
  • Ample Natural Light
  • Comfort
  • Kind of Desk
  • Silence or Free from Disturbances

Once you set your priorities, you can look for a space that matches them. You should even consider if changing your workspace often helps in increasing productivity or it’s better to have the same dedicated workspace always.

Fix a Routine and Stick to It

Most of us might not be missing the long commutes to our offices but they provided us a consistent way of mentally preparing for the word day and decompressing when the day was over. In case you liked your journey to your office, it’s advisable to recreate the most important features of your morning routine before starting your work from home. It could be anything from reading the news, listening to a podcast in your car, or stretching your legs on a walk to the office.

It’s worth identifying the most important elements of your pre-and post-work routines and sticking to them. You should set an alarm for 30 minutes before your start time to ensure you do not miss your breakfast, podcast, exercise, or any other activity which you did before reaching your office.

Take A Break

Employees who were overachievers or responsible for considerable tasks at a regular office tend to compensate for the time they are not physically present at the office by working for long hours. As per a study by Gallup during the pandemic, it was found that employees working remotely experienced more burnouts than the on-site workers. Hence, never forget to give yourself a break.

Compensate those coffee breaks at the office by taking a break for lunch or chat with a co-worker, go for a walk, or meditate. Employees suffering from Zoom fatigue can give themselves a break from video calls. It’s OK to ask your senior if you could turn off your camera for some time.

Some organizations have been innovative and come up with ideas or activities to help their employees take a break and still bond with colleagues.

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