Best Free CRM Software 2021

Top Free CRM Software in 2021Are you looking to expand your loyal customer base further? You can consider using a CRM or customer relationship management tool for better managing customer relationships and interactions via reliable systems and procedures. CRM also helps in integrating the organizational procedures across sales, customer service, and marketing aspects. You may be led to believe that these products must be expensive but there are certain free alternatives available online as well. Let’s learn about the 3 best free CRM options.

1. Bitrix24: This is a free CRM software that aids you in generating leads through various channels. It permits you to integrate customizable CRM webforms to the site, email, and social media. There is a lead scoring tool available built into the free CRM software and it automatically assigns and distributes the leads to different sales representatives. It provides a unified platform for storing customer data and it aids you in reaching out to the clientele through many channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, phone calls, and Facebook. There are mobile apps available for Android or iOS devices.

2. HubSpot CRM: This free CRM tool is cloud-based and it supports lead management, email tracking, outbound/inbound marketing, contact management, sales pipeline management, and sales automation. This is a great free CRM software that aids you in tracking the full sales lifecycle right from the stage of lead prospecting to after-sales processes. For managing leads you may track outreach emails and receive notifications when some lead opens your emails. This free CRM tool works on both mobile apps with Android and iOS devices.

3. Zoho CRM: It is another cloud-based free CRM solution that empowers you with the capability to interact with leads and customers through social media, email, calling, or chat. Depending on the interactions with the clientele on social media, click-through rates, and the email opening rate this tool will score the leads. You can use these scores to develop a targeted communication strategy that will improve how you communicate with your clients. This free CRM tool also has mobile apps for the main OSs Android and iOS.

Selecting the right free CRM software for your organization

After you have checked out the list of these free CRM tools, the next step is finding a perfectly suitable solution for you based on your business requirements. You can complete these steps for developing the right product for your organization,

  • Find out and compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) for every solution. Check out the cost of data storage, IT staff hiring, training, implementation, upgrades, and other significant factors.
  • Compare free usage limitations for all three solutions, such as the number of free contacts, number of free emails, etc. Then shortlist the solution depending on your present needs.
  • Compare every product depending on the features they are offering and choose one that fits the bill for your business requirements.

Some common questions you need to ask during the selection

While you are making the investment decision you have to ask the CRM provider some questions for making sure that you have decided properly.

  • Will this CRM business integrate with other apps?
  • What kind of customer support is available with the mobile versions of the CRM software?
  • Is it possible to generate customized reports?
  • What CRM security measures and protocols are used by the company?

If the free CRM tool can integrate with other apps such as marketing tools, accounting software, or customer service apps it can help you in boosting the efficiency of contact management. The kind of customer support offered on the tool lets you know if it is possible to use the CRM on the go and can the reps get quick help if needed. Customer reports help get insights about new leads, sales, marketing efforts, etc. It also empowers you to improve your business strategies.

While reading this article, you got to know about the three best free CRM software solutions available on the web. You can visit the web to learn more about the full features offered by the different platforms and the cost required for upgrades. For more detailed information you can also visit CRM Solutions USA and decide the best alternative.