About Us

CRM SOLUTIONS USA, a subsidiary of IB Systems USA that been in business since 1996 provides CRM services for small businesses in Tampa Bay area. You could find experienced system consultants in the organizations which could respond to the constantly changing needs of the internet and also the intranet environments. We specialize in approaching all the projects with an earnest determination and provide excellence from the start to the end. We use the services of accredited experts in the fields of business solutions and systems integration. We take pride in our work and capability to quickly improve the business workflow of our clients.

Why Us?

Since IB SYSTEMS USA has been founded we have worked with different IT systems. We offered IT support including many services such as Lotus Notes/Domino support, web design, internet marketing, SEO, and CRM management.

There are many companies that are utilizing CRM Solutions USA by using CRM product such as Bitrix CRM. We offer following CRM services:
Review of small business needs;
Installation and configuration of Bitrix CRM;
Customization of CRM;
Support and Maintenance of CRM;


We value all our clients and our aim is to provide top services so that our clients maintain their business at the top level. We are aware that the world of internet changes frequently and we try to be updated with the latest trends in various areas such as Google algorithms, design, and other latest technologies. You will find a host of happy customers with us as these are only a portion of the things we do to keep clients happy.


We have had the chance of working with many companies over the years especially those located in the Tampa Bay area. We have also provided our services to different companies across the US. We have provided services to Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture, IBM, and Deloitte, PWC along with several small business companies. Our goal is to deliver higher-end services to our customers. This has resulted in the company attracting positive feedback from the clients over a period of time.